I put a few solid days into finding a working method of capturing the screen and they either didn't compile or weren't quite what I was looking for.

I am wondering if anybody has any example code to capture the screen every 10 seconds and save it to bmp. I don't want to save what's on a certain window or program but I want to save what I, the user sees on my screen.

OS: Vista
Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express

Any help would be great. And if any more information is needed, just ask.

AFAIK, bare C++ wont do it!
Find specific library like OpenCV or the such. Wxwidgets have image manipulation functionality. But for small task it is an overkill. Or may be compile wxBase only library

Great suggestions! I found at least one method that looks like it will work with both OpenCV and Wxwidgets. Looks like I'll have a little work to get it set up and a little extra learning but as long as it works, I'm thrilled.