Windows is shutting it down with a send error message option.

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

struct attrib{
char x;
int y;
char cont;

attrib brd[8][8];

int main()
    for ( int x =-1; x<8; x++) //accesses all columns in the array
        for ( int y=-1; y<8; y++) //accesses all rows in the array
            brd[x][y].x= char (65 +x); //assigns columns names A-H
            brd[x][y].y= y + 1; //assigns rows numbers 1-8
            cout<< "|" << brd[x][y].x << "|";

on lines 15 and 17 you are setting your counter variable to -1. when it tries to access element -1 it throws an error. try setting the variables to 0 and see what happens.