I haven't done any C++ programming for quite a while now and the last compiler I used was Dev C++ (not sure which version/release but likely an old one). I want to start programming in C++ again but I'm an unaware of which free compiler would be the best to use. Any suggestions are welcome.

My main programming platform will be Windows and most programs I make will be intended to just run on Windows but I also use Linux and wouldn't mind a Linux C++ compiler so any suggestions for that will also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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All I know of are Windows compilers. Some good ones are:

  • Visual-C++ 2010 Express Edition
  • WxDev-C++
  • Codeblocks

I personally use Visual C++ integrated in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 professional edition. I've played around a little with WxDev-C++ and it's not bad. I've played with codeblocks and again, it's a great compiler from the opensource world.


If I'm not mistaken, Visual C++ isn't free but thank you for the suggestion.

I will have a look into your other suggestions when I can.


Codeblocks is the best IDE that has gcc, VC++ and other compilers integrated into it.
Its easy to use and work with.
I think u can use that.

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