like the thread title said i need the best C book for never programmed person can you please tell me it

There is lot of books for C. But all depends upon you. What type of book you required and prefer. I will only recommend follow whatever book you like and do practice and more practice. Try to create new programs and explore thing in details.

iam felling lost :( what to do

just learn from c for dummies ????

iam learning from pdfs

so not hard

I recommend not starting with books. They will only confuse you by presenting you with an information overload and a thousand words dealing with the language that you've never heard before. Just start by using the internet. Google "c++ beginner tutorial" or something similar to that.

1 question only i need help in because iam going to use pdf books

which better

learn c in 21 days
c for dummies 2nd edition

well it all depends on your style of learning , sometimes the dummies books can be an hindrance rather that a help, go to a book shop flick through a couple, and then buy them on-line cheaper if you feel they are any good