#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <fstream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    const int SIZE=81;
    char input[SIZE];
    fstream nameFile; 
    nameFile.open("Bands.txt", ios::in);
    if (!nameFile)
       cout << "Error: Cannot open file." << endl;
       return 0;
    nameFile.getline(input, SIZE);
    while (!nameFile.eof())
       cout << input << endl; 
       nameFile.getline(input, SIZE);


    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Bands.txt :
1 10 Led Zeppelin
3 9 Guns 'n Roses
10 1 Mariah Carey
5 6 Pink Floyd
6 5 Pearl Jam
4 8 Boston
7 3 Bon Jovi
8 3 TLC
9 2 MC Hammer
2 9 AC/DC

I'm new at Programming and am entirely unsure of what to do. All I managed to do was print exactly what is in the txt file, but I have no idea how to loop to make them in order or change the sales to *'s.

The Question:

Read the file (there is an unknown number of bands) from Bands.txt
The number of sales is from 0 to 10
The band name is any number of strings long

Output the band information in a graphic to both the screen and a file called "results.txt" as so
1 ********** Led Zeppelin
and they are placed by rank 1-10

The file is in no particular order - at the end of the file print out total sales and the number one band based on rank.

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The first column represents the rank of the band in sales, the second is the number of sales (in thousands, millions, whichever). Led Zeppelin is Ranked #1 because he sold 10 million records. But instead of putting it like that, you must put 10 *'s instead.

So the output in the new text file should be:
1 ********** Led Zeppelin
2 ********* AC/DC
3 ********* Guns 'n Roses


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std::string line;
while( getline(infile,line) )
   int rank;
   int sales;
   std::string name;
   stringstream str(line);
   str >> rank >> sales;
   cout << rank;
   for(int i = 0; i < sales; i++)
     cout << '*';
   cout << " " << name << '\n';

Trying it out now. Thank you!

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