i hav borland 5.02 compiler running on my win7 64-bit compiler,it is not
supporting <graphics.h>header file,can some1 tell me plz hw to fix this problem?.........
thanx in advance

I have never heard of graphics.h, I guess I am too young for that (I only started programming around the time win95 came out, so graphics.h was already outdated!). Here is another thread with some useful info and links. I can't help any further, it appears you should try something else besides graphics.h.

@mike-it is not supporting any header file of graphics for that matter such as borlacon.h.........
and still if it is not clear then i jst want any simple code depicting graphics use.......
which can work on "TURBOO c++ 5.02" compiler of mine

From a little web searching, graphics.h is part of BGI graphics tools for C that date back to DOS applications when the graphics card was accessed directly via binary registers. Nowadays, that still exists (this is how the starting graphics are rendered by the BIOS and boot-loader before your OS starts up). But this is fundamental incompatible with the windows environment and was essentially abandoned since win32. Your version of turbo C++ dates to 1997 (13 years ago). Although graphics.h was still supported in win9x series via its MS-DOS back-bone (by starting up a MS-DOS session and running the program in there), now, since winNT and later, there is no more MS-DOS, just a "command prompt" which is not the same. Although it looks the same, the graphics are not rendered with BGI because that is dangerous and incompatible with windows.

So, think about it, you are trying to use a C library designed for a 16bit, command-line based OS with no graphics card or mouse support. Your hopes of running this on a 64bit windows 7 environment via a completely outdated C++ compiler and IDE is just ludacris. You will have a very hard time circumventing the "bgi graphics is not supported under windows" error message that you will most certainly get even if you succeed in compiling a graphics.h based program.

Switch your IDE to Code Blocks and use the "with MinGW" download link to have the GNU compiler suite. If it has a forward compatible version of graphics.h you might succeed by compiling to a MS-DOS executable and trying to run it from the command-prompt. For a much easier solution, I suggest you look at either win32 API or SDL for doing simple graphics on a window.