i am considering making a gui in perl, I want to find out if i shoould use perlqt or perltk.

I am using Redhat 9 linux, and i would like to use graph tools and displays also , could anyone help me on how to start programming using such tools.


Myself, I'd use perltk. The Tk module comes with activestate's version, so portability to windows, if required, is less of an issue. The usenet group comp.lang.perl.tk is helpful. The O'Reilly book 'Mastering Perl/Tk' also has a great deal of helpful information. The man pages are what I usually refer to but keep the book handy just in case. There are some examples on www.perltk.org too and there have been articles on Perl/Tk in various spots across the net.

I've used it to monitor my laptops battery, edit files, display everquest map files, generate characters for Traveller(tm), and generally to expand my understanding of perl.

Kordaff - at plh.org