I am c++ and java programmer and i want to develope user interface for aria2c ( internet download manager ) like IDM( windows internet download manager ) this software( aria2c ) programmed in c++ and i have one problem with this ( i never programmed user interface software with c++! my user interface programs coded with java! )
please help me to choose best platform to develope best user interface ( like IDM user interface ). i want to use this program( aria2c ) in linux os.
which gui user interface library is best and easy to use for create for this program?
which programming language can i choose for coding?
please help me to create best internet download manager for linux.

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May be you can have a look at this once.

I would also suggest the wxWidgets library. I have used this extensively over the last 10 years and find the code extremely well designed, well documented, and robust. It is also free and you get all the source code.
There a free (and commercial) GUI designer tools available. Have a look on the web site for well known applications built using it.
I have used it to build an EDA tool which compiled (unchanged) and ran on windows, Linux, Solaris, and Apple O.S.
You can get the library at www.wxwdgets.org

ok thanks for your helps
which of them is easy to learn and use ( QT or GTK or Wxwidgets ) ?
beacause i want to rapid program this application which of them can useful this purpose?

Well as far as Qt is considered, you get a designer, using which you can drag and drop widgets, build your form and then you can write code for what they need to do.

i had tried a little Gtk too. But i dont think that provides such an option.(i had seen a similar thing called Glade, used to design forms but i have not tried it)

But since you say you want to build it fast, using the Qt framework would be good. Also, the documentation provided is excellent.

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