I am supposed to:
1. create two constructors. a. query for student's names and three scores. b. take four arguments
2. write a method calculateAvg that calculates and sets average
3. write a method calculateGrade that calculates based on 90+=A, 80+=B, 70+=C, 60+=D, <60=F
4. Write a method toString that displays a gradeReport with the a. name b. three scores on a single line c. average and letter grade
5. when the first constructor is used ensure that the scores are within 0-100. if not prompt again and explain why.
6. format the output to exactly two decimal places
7. format the output so that the scores are separated by tabs.

I am not asking for this all to be done, but if you look at my code can you give me any leads on where I'm going wrong and what I might need to add?

import java.text.DecimalFormat;
import java.util.Scanner;

public class GradeReport 
	String name, name1, name2;
	int score1, score2, score3;
	double average;
	char grade;
	public GradeReport()  //creates the first constructor
		Scanner sc = new Scanner (System.in);

		System.out.println ("Enter student's first name: ");
		name1 = sc.nextLine();

		System.out.println ("Enter the student's last name: ");
		name2 = sc.nextLine();

		System.out.println ("Enter first grade: ");
		score1 = sc.nextInt();

		System.out.println ("Enter second grade: ");
		score2 = sc.nextInt();

		System.out.println ("Enter third grade: ");
		score3 = sc.nextInt();
	public void calculateAverage()
		average = ((score1 + score2 + score3) / 3);

		DecimalFormat fmt = new DecimalFormat ("0.###"); //to format average to 2 decimal places
		System.out.println ("The average is " + fmt.format(average));
	public void calculateGrade()
		if (average >= 90)
		//elif (average < 80)
		//	System.out.println("C");
		//elif (average < 70)
		//	System.out.println("D");
		//elif (average < 60)
		//	System.out.println("F")
//	public String toString()
//	{
//		System.out.println (name1, name2);
//		String gradeReport = Double.toString(score1)\t, Double.toString(score2)\t, Double.toString(score3);
//		String gradeReport = Double.toString(average);
//	}



Basically you are heading in the right direction.

You just need to do the 0 - 100 score validation and add a main method that will call your other methods and I think everything will be set.