I have this bit of code:

case 1:

		case 3:

		case 5:

		case 7:

		case 8:

		case 10:

		case 12:

			day = 31;

Does this mean the values 3,5,7,8,10,12 can only be day=31?
How can I make it so only the Max value is 31? So it can equal 31 or less?

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It means if the value of the variable you are using in comparison is 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, or 12, it would make these case statements true. As a result, the 'day' variable is assigned to 31.

If you are assigning a value to a variable, you assign only 1 value to it. If you want to compare, you could use if-else, switch, or comparison operator.

Anyway, what the "Max" value you are talking about in your post? Even though, I can understand the portion of code you gave, the portion of the code is not really completed. What are you really looking for from the code?



I think you are trying to assign the days of the month and you want that since max no of days in a month is 31, 31 should be max value.

Since you are assigning a constant to the day variable, then you should have full control of the max value.

maybe you want to use this code instead:

case 2: /* for february  */
day = 28;

case 4: /* april, june, sepetember november */
case 6:
case 9:
case 11:
day = 30;

other: /* for all other months */
day = 31;

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