can anyone please tell me how can i save my visual basic exe in such a way so that its exe run automatically when windows start

if u know the answer please mail me at

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put the .exe in the startup folder in the start menu and it will run at logon

Create a value at this path in Registery:


and put your app's path in it.

try this following code to copy your program to startup program automatically, but the program must running once to do this.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim mShell
Dim path As String
Set mShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
path = mShell.Specialfolders("Startup")
FileCopy App.EXEName & ".exe", path & "\YourNewRunFileName.exe"
End Sub

Create a shortcut to the .exe. Copy the shortcut just created to your "startup" folder in the Start Menu (just drag it to the start button, then drag to Programs, then drag to Startup, then release it into the Startup folder).