Hi guys,

I've got an idea but I'm struggling to understand perhaps how one would go about implementing a solution.

Basucally I've got a .NET or more so C# UI that loads plugins using reflection. this all works fine but now I'm wondering if its possible to load the C# project and have UI's that are also plugins. This way I can lanuched either a windows UI or a ASP page depending which DLL is loaded.

Is this possoble?


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Thanks for those Kimpl. Do you know how to obtain 2 way communication between the UI (main project) and the DLL project? Basically I want to save my object decalred in the UI to a file. However this "file saver" should be put into a DLL so that the user can use my UI to decide how to "save" the data, if this make sense?


Pass the form object to the DLL and have it walk the control structure saving all the control information. You'll have problems with events, though.

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