hi everyone. my name is chris..i am new to javw pogramming i just have the feelings that i can get what i hv been looking for here.. i startd reading java sometimes ago and i got chocked whn i got to evnt handling... i relly wantto be a java pogrammer..i need anyone to help me nd also i will be grateful if the concept of object orinted programming can be broken to pieces for my understanding.. thnks iin advance.

First, start writing in proper English chat/sms approach is not welcome.
Second, post problem description and not general subject/topic.

Object-oriented programming is a pretty deep area of study. You'd probably do well to start out by getting the hang of Java syntax, writing small programs that do small things. Once you have at least some idea of the internal structures of a Java class, you'll have a means to grasp the higher-order structure of class relations.

Peter's right, though, there's no question here, and there's no way you can learn what you want to know without asking more limited questions.

the 'very basic concept' of OO is, you use Objects.
there are thousands of tutorials, courses and e-books freely distributed online, that explain this, both for the more experienced developer as for a starter.
my personal advice, don't start with stuff like event handling if you do not understand the basics of OO. you'll just be copy-pasting code without truly understanding why you're using that code in the first place

thanks to you all. i really appreciate ur response...