hey frnz i need 2 make a c++ project ...but i dunno wat 2 make im so confused help me out..i need a guidline

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For starters, please use proper written English, not TXT. Have you read the member rules?

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  • Do post in full-sentence English
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Second, we really can't do that. We don't know your interests or abilities. I suggest you think about your daily routine and your interests. Is there anything you think you could simplify by creating a program? Is there anything you think you would enjoy attempting a program for? If you think you can create the program, that's your project (provided your instructor approves it).

hey frnz i need 2 make a c++ project ...but i dunno wat 2 make im so confused help me out..i need a guidline

This question makes absolutely no sense to me. If you are new to C++ then go find some good book. If your new to some platform (Visual Studio 2010 etc) then some video tutorials can also be found. Otherwise you really need to explain your problem

this is what i am asking for...i am confused what 2 make...can u people give me guidline...i've never made any project before.

no im not as such new to c++...i know all the basics..but i've never being practical to this subject ..i mean i've never made any project before..i've just worked on small problems n programs given in the exercises of c++ books..

but now i need to submit a good project before my finals ....i just need few examples what to work on

If you are looking for a project topic, this forum may not be the place to ask for. What you need to do is to come up with an idea of what you want to do. Then create a project.

To create a project, you must plan what you need in your program. The program may consists of many components (objects). You need to break down your project into pieces, so you can work on. Each of small codes you have done could be each piece in a project.


if you need to build a project you need to first decide what are you going to do.then think what you need for it. if you gather information then start to think how will you do do planning for it . create your project on paper for this develop algorithm. flowchart after that start to code that project.
you should study about SDLC software developing life cycle.

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