I want to know how to make a plugin framework in c++. I have searched for some topics and have found a few to get me started but I still don't understand the concept.

I'm making an IDE and would like to add the functionality of plugins...I know you have to make a interface for the plugins to use but how would i execute the DLL when they click the menu item and keep the DLL running for the plugins that run longer?

Someone told me to download the eclipse IDE source and look at how they did it but i dont want to sift threw all the code.

I'm using wxwidgets for the GUI and boost for the internals..

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I know of the second link but the first one is way better!!!



Ok I got the framework to work but how do I access lets say a wxwidgets text control or something without passing parameters?


Mind if you post the source to the plugin part of the program you were making?

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