Hi, I'm going nuts. I don't know why Microsoft always changes their user interfaces in non-intuitive ways; e.g., hiding the most important options you want to use.

I'm building in C# and on the build menu it doesn't have a run option. Why the f*k not? I know it is, on my HP keyboard it is fn-F5 and/or ctrl-fn-F5 but why should I have had to spend two hours finding that.

I can't see my build errors. I want diagnostic text, not just underlying of what it thinks is wrong.

Lastly, in VS6.0, sorry I was a microsoft user a LONG time ago, when i ran a console application in the studio, it had an OUTPUT WINDOW?

Why does Microsoft REMOVE useful functionality?

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It's all still there.

The run option is the green triangle on the bar, or under the Debug menu.

Build errors show up in the error tab which should be on the bottom of your screen.

Console applications open command windows, the problem usually is that they close when the program is done running. Adding a Console.ReadLine() right before the end of your code solves that.

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