I was thinking of creating this program for a school related project and was seeking advice/guidence concerning the matter. I prepose to create 7 distinct personalities and have them communicate/interact in a virtual world. I will be storing data that has been collected through everyday discussion such as questions, responces, and other common sayings and compiling it into a data base. These things will be stored in a hiarachy type sorting program.

I have serveral questions that I would like answered, but any and all further comments are more than welcome.
A. Is this even possible?
B. How long would this program take the average person to complete?
C. What type of programming concepts (syntax) will be usefull in this project?


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A. Is this even possible?
B. How long would this program take the average person to complete?

A. Yes it's very possible, you have quite a mind..
B. Depends on your experience, how much time you have, and how good you want it to be. An average person would have to look at all your compiled data, and map out a "time line" if you will, so you will know what to add first. Or base things off a "site map." Just like if your doing a review on a book, with the headings, the sub headings, the material..

I. Project
A. <text>
1. <text>

That is the easiest way to start a project, you will have all your needed information gathered, collected, and charted in a nice clean order...

aaa i'm glad you brought that up.
althought it is very possible. to make it smart enough to have a conversation with a person it will take you along time.

i think this is exactly what you looking at:
this is the winner of i think the 2001 most human like computer.
give it a vist and have a chat with her you will it interesting.

it took the programmer with a team more then 5 years to get ehr to this stage. i believe the project started in 95.

That's the same ALICE bot that we used to have here at the forums months and months ago. No one liked her though :( You can still find some of her old posts floating around actually. Yeap, she used the AIML markup language, I remember that!

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