If I add an imagelist control to my project it asks me to select images from the hard disk. When my application is compiled and distributed are the images I selected serialized and/or compiled into the exe? or do the images need to reside on the end-user computer in the same location?

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You'll need to add them to the project if you want them packaged up for distribution.

So would it be safe to add the image as a project resource, then just select the image that is in the project resources folder?

I read here that if I add images to an image list they ARE compiled into the app for distribution...is there anything official from Microsoft on this?


I think it is serializing the data into the exe...when i add images to the image list and then delete or change the name of the source image, it still works in the debug version of the application. The .exe file size also increases. But does anyone know for sure?

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