Hi sorry posting as a threat here, but i cound find any other relevant secion.
I have learned c++ and i want to lear c languege, and I want find good book to lear from.
could anyone recommend one please?
thank you

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I dont want to know what google recomends..

"Programming in C" (Third Edition) by Stephen G. Kochan.

Resourceful with good examples.

I'm a beginner of C too. The book I use is C how to program by Deitel and Deitel. It's a very good book for programming starters. But since you're not a starter I think PrenticeHall. The Ansi C Programming Language -Kernighan,Ritchie might be better for you. Since there are lots of versions in C therefore there are lots of portability problems.So I think learning ANSI standard C is better.

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