Hey guys, I am working on a program which allows me to create dance steps for a robot.

I have 3 forms,namely movecategory.cs,arm.cs and head.cs. The movecategory.cs will have 2 buttons to access the other 2 forms arm.cs and head.cs.

When I have chosen the direction of my head(e.g: 1), the value 1 would be stored in structureA in movecategory.cs after i clicked the Done button for the head dialog.

The problem now is, i wish to be able to access the value in structureA(located in movecategory.cs) from arm.cs, may i ask if there is anyway i am able to do so?

Please pardon my english and my ignorance in C#

You'll just have to expose a property in movecategory:

private MyStructure Value
    get { return foo; }