Hi there

I have a database with uhm lets say for now 4 tables inside it. The tables are each an individuals job data. It concists of data such as office routines, blah blah blah..

Now when the user logs in it displays the current logged in users name. Then I have a button that takes them to a time management form. There all the data i mentioned above is entered and then stored to that loggen in users table.

What I would like to know, and any help would be useful, is how can I show the logged in users data in the time management form? In the time management form I have a datagrid, but how can i display all that data in the database to the datagrid which mathches current logged in users data?

Thanks in advance...

1. Use SQL to query the data for that user. I hope you know SQL.

2. Create a DataSet and fill this DataSet with above query.

3. Set the DataGrid's DataSource to this DataSet.