Give me advice on this program:

It does it's job, which is important. I do have some suggestions however.

  • Make it easier for a person to input the time.
    • Do a series of dropdowns
    • Allow for the seconds to be optional. If the seconds aren't input, have the program assume 00.
    • Use a control specially designed for time input
  • Make the time in the label automatically update each second. You can use a timer control to do that.
  • Get rid of the color change on rollover. It doesn't look professional and doesn't achieve anything beyond "look what I did".
  • The Transparent button also doesn't do much. If the window stayed on top, allowed for the creation and maintenance of multiple alarms, and provided information about the alarms, I could see having the ability to turn the window transparent as a feature. As is, the usefulness of that is nil.
  • Having the window disappear and only being able to cancel the alarm by using the Task Manager isn't a very good design. You might want to put a bit of research into how to put the program in the systray so that it can be accessed from there after an alarm is made.

its an .exe. Post the source I dont mind looking it over but posting an exe is not such a good idea.