Hi Every one in this great community ...i need help with Nokia BlockD game algorithm i really do not know how to start ,,,please could anyone here can get my feet on the stage ,just help me with some ideas to be able to get started:
The rules of the game is that
you give the computer any board configuration and it should play and after each move it prints the board ,at the end it prints how many tiles are left from each color and the grade obtained of course with less tiles at the end the better and smarter the program is :if you need me to explain more about the rules i will ,,please some ideas

All two player games follow a very similar pattern:

print introduction
print instructions if user requests them
initialize the cards, board, create any data structures needed
to play the game, etc. Set options, read from a data file,
all the "set up" stuff.

print up a menu asking user if they want to play

Start the "big game loop":

while player doesn't quit and game isn't over
  print the board
  print the move notes, if any
  get the user's input
  process the input with a step of game play
  switch players turn
end while

I don't know anything about Nokia D, but if you don't know how to program Tic-Tac-Toe type of a game, then don't try to program a much more difficult game. You'll just get frustrated and quit. The help that we can give you won't be enough, without substantial coding up, from you.

I'm suggesting this because you posted no code at all, in your first post in this thread. That suggests that you are unable to code any kind of game, at this time.

Why don't you download some Tic-Tac-Toe type of simple two person game codes, and study them. See what makes them tick, and how you could get started writing up a Nokia D type game, if that is your passion.

When you have that level of understanding, we can help you much more than today.