This is probably a newb question, but what all can a string type variable hold?

Is it restricted to just letters or can it hold things like "/\|;:'><!@#$%^"...?

An easy way to think of a string is that its an array of characters in C and a vector of characters in C++.

Meaning it can hold any character. If you want something like " ' or \ in it you need to put an escape character before it like
mystring = "\\"
mystring = "\""


What if it is reading from a file? Does the escape character still need to be there?

It probably does, I just would like to make sure. Also how to you get an underscore character?

Thanks in advance,


you only need escape characters for a few specific characters because these characters are also key characters for the compiler

an underscore would just be mystring = "_"


The link was very handy.