How to get video file in matlab and perform object detection??

What does this have to do with Java?

You need to ask MatLab. Anyway, you need to read the video file in frame by frame. Make sure that your video file type is supported by MatLab. I think .avi is the best because it does not have much compression but file size is huge. Then, each frame, you do the object detection with whatever method you have. Not difficult but could take a long time to run a process in a video file. Remember to use parallel processing or it will take you multiple times longer.

Thanks but my plan is to detect emotions on streaming video as my research proj is on emotion detection from face.i was working with java bt not getting god results

I saw that kind of project in my computer vision class (detect movement of hand in real time) a few year ago. Java should do a good job on that as well if you can read each frame from the video. The problem you are encountering may be from the algorithm used in motion detection and translate it to emotion expression on a face instead of program you are using to detect. Still, the problem does not relate to implementation in Java...

i want to know the matlab code defect detection on a particular material.pls response my post if any knows.... urgent