i want to known that i am starting to work on chip programming so i cant understand my first step.The programming language on which i used to work is java and still working.so my question is that how can i program a chip and i don't have any info about chip programming and which programming language should i use and what should me my first and if any one can refer me any link or book so it will be highly appreciate

I think your question is a bit ambiguous. You need to know the chip model .etc. for starters, and what language(s) it supports for programming. Programming a chip is similar to programming a computer, but you need to know the capabilities of the chip before going any further. I've programmed PIC microcontrollers before, and they were programmed in assembler through a special board that was hooked up to the PC, but the chip you had in mind may be different (e.g. it might be programmed in C, C++ or even Java!)

can java support the hardware connectivity

can java support the hardware connectivity

It depends what you mean by "hardware connectivity" (sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean by this)?

Java is designed to run on many devices, from computers to washing machines! Of course, the chip you're using would need to support Java, and you would most likely not be able to do any graphical stuff (e.g. Swing .etc.) unless you have a compatible display, keyboard and mouse connected to your chip. I'm going to guess that you'll be using a chip without these features, so the most you would be able to get out of it is implementing logic, and basic I/O. Again, you will need to refer to the chip documentation to find out if it supports Java, and if so, what features of Java it supports.

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