Is it possible to print---- hello world on the screen without using semicolon( ; ) anywhere in the code...i was able to do it through MACROS..but is there anyother way??

MACROS? What does this acronym stand for?

Use an empty while loop.

[Oooooh, when will these questions cease to poison new programmers...?]

Yes. Hone your Googling skills if you are out of hints. [Bonus: Google the groups. Don't make me mention comp.lang.c (ooops!).]

Use a different programming language :)

Use a different programming language :)

Nice Answer :lol:

Use an empty while loop.

empty while loop did worked but stuck into infinite loop

while(cout<<"Hello World")


#include <iostream>

int main(){
        while((std::cout << "Hello World"<< std::endl) == 0){}


I would assume that like most things cout would return a +ive int if it has success :)

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