hey everybody ...

well im facing this difficulty ..
i made one project .. and im not able to .. create a jar for it

my project consists of the following files

a package Prj that contains all the classes
along with it i have 2 files.. with contain some data that the classes read from
and along with it have some jpg with are the background for the classes's JFrame

can u please guide me how to make a jar file so that .. everything works

i tryed making one .. but in that case it doesnt work and it doesnt read only the 1st page is displayed ..

kindly help

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Hey Guys ..
thank you for your help ..
i created a jar using the command

jar cvfm Project.jar MANIFEST.MF Prj images files

and the jar works ..

now the Problem is that if i move the jar to another location .. the jar fails to work
it only loads the main class and doesnt move to other classes

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