def work(here):
variabel = "Hi"

How can I make here as a local parameter? that will work for calling other functions?

You just use it by its name, like

def work(here):print(here)

ok but if I for example want it to be able to take the value of the other functions:

def work(here):print(here)
def okej(ok):
def so(what)
def work(here):"hi")"why")

class okej(self,good):
       def method(self,yes):
       def other(self,yes):

k1 = okej()
k2 = okej()


This is actually what I want to do! I want the word here to be able to be different names of methods, so I can call them from the function

Very bad style, but you could get it to work by passing method, not global function ie okej.method.

I dont understand what you mean now. My function is actually an option menu. How could I else solve this?

post real code and explain your programs logic.

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Looks like you have not clear object for train, which could contain the places for each date and time.