set v1=%e:\file1\file0%
set v2=%c:\file1\file0%
set v3=%d:\file3\file4%

cd %v1% and do something
cd %v2% and do something
cd %v3% and do something

I just want to set a variable = path and cd to it later, since I have multiple pathes, i would like to cd to diff variables instead of typing over and over the same pathes.

does anyone know the syntax doing stuffs like this?


That wasn't stated very clearly, but I think you were asking how to assign some paths to variables for later use? Try the below example.

set /p path1= "C:\Program Files\Installation\Help-Files"
set /p path2= "C:\Users\Bob-Smith\Documents\My Folder"

cd %path1%
:: Do something

cd %path2%
:: Do something


very helpful thanks so much