good morning ...

I wanted to ask you, how to make file backup and restore sql server 2000 through visual basic 6.0 application

already many forums I visit and ask, but until now there is no single person who can help me

Can you help me? your help is much I expected ...


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I think the reason why no one could help you is because they do not have enough information.:)

What file do you want to back up?
Where do you want to back it up to?
restore sql server? I have no idea what you mean by this.

Give us more information and I'm sure we can assist.

thank you for your response.

This way,
1. I want to make backups of data files via the form vb
2. if one day the database is corrupt then I can restore the data.

all these activities I want to do via the form in vb. I hope you did understand and can help me as soon as possible.

The attached zip file is a sample of a database backup. It makes use of MySql, but the fundamentals is the same. Just change the data properties to suit SQL.

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