Here's an assigment I was just emailed. After being ill for some time with mono I've been forced to teach myself the material. I have no idea what this assignment is asking for.

"You are to write a program that reads in one integer first indicating the digits in length the user would like to work with for integers addition, then reads in two positive integers (of digits at most in length)and then outputs the sum of the two numbers. Include a loop that allows the user to continue to do more additions until the user says the program should end."

It suggests/requires the use of a dynamic array as well.

This is a pretty standard "first assignment". Please show us that you have tried. You won't get any help until you post some code and show us where you are stuck.


I agree, the assignment is so poorly described it's really hard to understand.

The assignment is:
Ask user for a number N representing the maximum number of digits for two integers you wish to add. (ex- enter 4 for 2 4-digit numbers, enter 20 for 2 20-digit numbers)

Ask for 2 numbers up to N digits long, and add them.

The 2 numbers should be read into an array, 1 digit for each array element:
enter 2461 and you get

The rest is up to you...