im creating an ASP.NET page using C#
and want it to send messages to certain people.

i looked at some websites, like clickatell.com and intellisoftware.com
but they don't met the requirements.
clickatell block my country, and intellisoftware don't cover all the networks.
so is there some other web services that are good or some programs (or something of the sort) that allow me to send messages through a phone with a sim card in it, ofcourse using ASP.NET/C#

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If you want to send SMS from PC, this will not be free. You will have to pay for it. It was free a few years back, but not its payable stuff.
Anyway, here you can find some help:

I was creating a software which was used to support sending sms, it worked fine, but its not for free. So I let it go. I did and still works similar email sending.
Why dont you consider this. Everyone uses email these days.

If you still want to create sending sms, please go here: http://www.smsmail.com/
This is a webiste, where you can buy credits to send sms.

Best of luck,

im using it for a certain project, it must be an SMS!

anyway, i've found my solution, ... , bulkSMS.com
and im checking into your solution .. it looks good!
thanks for helping!

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