About 2 months ago my printer, a Hp Photosmart C6380, out of the blue turned itself off and tried to re-boot. When it tried to re-boot the little screen on the left went blue flashed an error for a couple seconds, then went white and all the buttons began flashing.

The error code is C2FE0100, I looked on the internet and other people had similar problems but no one seemed to have an answer as to what is wrong. So I decided to call HP, after two hours on the phone with about eight different people, I was told to send an email into the tech support department (which I was on the phone with). After a few weeks of waiting there has still not been a response.

So still broken, and I figured I've had good luck asking here. Anyone able to guess what this may be, or have any experience what this is?

If you were on the phone with HP and you didn't pay for support, you would be under warranty. If this error has not been resolved within an hour of troubleshooting they would be replacing your device. Leave me your serial number and if you are in the system and it is under warranty, I'll review the notes and contact you for a replacement or resolution.


Got this from HP
Power Cycle
Follow the steps below to power cycle your all-in-one:
* Shutdown your computer.
* Verify that the unit is switched on. Unplug the all-in-one from power supply cord.
* Wait for 30 seconds.
* Plug in only the power supply cord. Ensure that the unit is connected directly to the power outlet bypassing the surge protector if any.
* Repeat steps 2-4 two more times.
Partial reset
Press and hold # and 3 while plugging in the power cord.
Semi Full reset
Press and hold # and 6 while plugging in the power cord.

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