i'm looking to connect a playstation controller to my pc. i know how to get it to work with db25, but there's the issue of not enough power through db25.

however, usb i believe can provide quite a bit more power than parallel. but i've not been able to find any wiring diagrams...

has anybody tried connecting a ps controller to usb? did it work? what kind of drivers(windows) or modules (linux) did you have to use?

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That's cool, but why, if I could ask?

I've seen PS2/PSX style gamepads for under $15 at discount stores...


better quality for one (quality/price ratio is much higher in console perphirals)

that and i'm too broke right now but i have a ps controller lying around and no psx (dont ask).

needless to say, the heavy stack of ff7,ff8,ff9 play discs on my desk is rather in need of being played...and so its epsxe (psx emulator) time.

plus the ps controllers are more comfortable. i dunno.

i'm also planning on connecting an snes controller (Those are easier i hear) to play mame and older games :)

that and i'm insane :D


hi guiz,
tell me the part number of the usb controller which u guiz are using. in other words
i need to know the usb controller number in this diagram .

Thank you All

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