I am trying to pull coordinates for a form location out of a database and insert them into the Location property:

childForm.Location = new Point(/* coordinates go here */);

I have tried doing a direct replacement with the DataSet (which didn't work):

childForm.Location = new Point((string)row["location"]);

And I have tried using a string to hold the coordinates:

string Loc = (string)row["location"];
childForm.Location = new Point(Loc);

...which also didn't work. If I print 'Loc' to the screen, I can see it passing valid coordinates (in this case "100, 200" and "300, 600"), but it errors out when I try to pass that information to childForm.Location.

Obviously I'm doing something very wrong here, but I was unable to find any examples of using non-static or non-relative coordinates. If you know, could you please tell me what my mistake is?


Problem solved! In case someone else needs a hint in the future, here's the code I used (thanks for the help, Chris!):

private Point StringToPoint(string str)
            string[] s = str.Split(',');
            int x = Int32.Parse(s[0]);
            int y = Int32.Parse(s[1]);
            return new Point(x, y);

And later:

childForm.Location = StringToPoint((string)row["location"]);