Hi all, first post. I am a C# novice, but I have some experience in other C-derived languages.

I am trying to close a Windows Form and open another. This is the code that I am trying to use:

FormChat fm = new FormChat(client, username);

However, both forms close: the new Form closes even before I see it open (I know of it's existance only because of a strategic mbox it opens). If I comment out the this.Close() line then both stay open. So how can I close the current form without closing any children (is that the right word) forms?


I've worked around the problem with this.Hide(), but I feel that it is sloppy. Is there a better way?

Thanks, Clone. It looks like he is doing exactly what I am doing: Hide(). His solution appears cleaner only because it is his intention that both forms should ultimately close, alas, I would like to keep the child open!

Thank you for the link, though. The authour does have some good articles and I'm going to subscribe to his RSS feed. Lots to learn there, for certain. Thanks!

If I understand it is like this:
- you open form1
- then you would like to close form1, and open form2?

- open form1
- open form2
- then close form2, and open form3

This is a bit difference, becuase you have started app. with form1 ( Application.Run(new Form1());)

Open Form1, then close Form1 and open Form2.

There may be a Form3, but only if I can't get an mbox to do what I want (I'm googling that at the moment). In any case, even if there is a Form3, Form2 will remain open.


I see from other examples on Daniweb that Hide() is in fact the correct way to handle the situation. Thanks!

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