I tried to find "dynamic programming" algorithms in Python.

If anyone has examples of what it means a dynamic programming, it's would be nice.

(Please not post Wikipedia links).

Google -> c++, java and other, not Python.


Here in this old thread is my code for example for the dynamic programming algorithm for lcs (longest common substring). The link points to version were I only keep one row of record, but original algorithm was indexing normal array.

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Find that, is dynamic programming?

from itertools import product

n = 21
coins = [11, 10, 1]                        # Coin denominations.
sol = {0 : 0}                              # Initial solution array.
k = 0                                      # Initial coin count.
while not n in sol:
   k += 1                                  # Increment coin count.
   for v, m in product(sol.keys(), coins): # For each child,
       print v, m
       if v + m > alvo:                    # Skip large solutions.
       if not v + m in sol:                # If solution is new,
           sol[v + m] = k                  # append solution.
# Print solution
print sol[n] 

print sol # {0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 2, 10: 1, 11: 1, 12: 2, 20: 2, 21: 2}

#for v, m in product(sol.keys(), coins):
  #print v, m

Hei, enybody knows where I find a traveling salesman algorithm? Or anybody is implementing this thanks!

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