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I have downloaded VS Express 2010 edition from Microsoft website. I want to convert a VB 6.0 project into VB.Net using VS Express 2010. Is it possible to do it without the "Upgrade Wizard"? How much will it cost me to get basic VS 2010 Professional with the "Upgrade Wizard" option? What other tools (that I might require during conversion) are missing in the VS Express edition? Please help me in this matter.

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Visual Studio 2010 does not provide the necessary tools for upgrading a VB6 project.
In order to do that, you must first upgrade the project in a previous version of Visual Studio, and then upgrade THAT project with VS2010.
Check this article.

And the only way to upgrade your VB6 project to .NET, without using the wizard, is by manually recreating the entire project from scratch.

Hi Oxiegen,
Thank you for your reply. It was very useful to me becoz now I can avoid investing in the proffesional version of VS 2010 in the assumption that it might have the "Upgrade Wizard".
As you suggested, I had converted the VB6.0 project in the VS 2008. Once we open the project in VS 2010, we cannot go back to VS 2008(as project is in newer version).
I am removing the 5000+ errors (in the upgrade report), one by one. Backend is Excel. I am struck near DirListBox, FileListBox and DriveListBox. Please let me know if you know any simple .Net equivalent code or example for that(eg.Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility.VB6.DriveListBox()).
Simran Kaur.

Those controls has been removed.
Instead you can use the standard ListBox control, or the OpenFileDialog/SaveFileDialog controls.

Although, it is possible to add VB6 controls to your project.
Just follow this article.

Thank You for your fast reply. Will try it. I think you are very proficient in this field. Hope you will be there solve, when I get any new problems. :)

I'll be around. :)

I am using vsflex 8 in my vb6 project. Once i convert it to vs2005 itself, it shows many error. Please tell me how to solve ?

Many of the controls that you are used to in VB6 has either been removed or gotten replaced.
The control you mention is one of them. Most likely you can use DataGridView instead as it has similar (but not identical) features as the old flexgrids.

When you upgrade from a VB6 project to any version of .NET, be prepared to replace between 90-100 % of the code.
*Been there, done that*

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