1.function that orders the stored values of three characters.Suppose,for example,that c1,c2,and c3 are character variables having the values C,B,D respectively,then the function call order_chars(&c1,&c2,&c3)should cause the stored values of c1,c2,and c3 to be B,C and D respectively

2.Write a program that reads n integers into an array, and then prints the value of each distinct element along with the number of times that it occurs on a descending order. Suppose for example, that you input the values
*7 3 3 *7 5 5 3 as the elements of your array. Then
your program should print
5 occurs 2 times
3 occurs 3 times
-7 occurs 2 times

Please post the code that you tried or a subsequent attempt without using switch (as neither one requires it per se).