Hi everyone

I would appreciate it if someone can point me into right direction.
One section of my latest project idea involves linking several form controls to the Google map (distance calculating section), which is area I’m not familiar with.

What I would like to achieve is following: (VB2010)
I would like to link two combo boxes on my form to Google map
(Start Address and End Address)
as well as two labels representing distance & ETA time to Google map
(Suggested route, option No.1, highlighted section).

As soon as user select values from combo drop downs on my form, code performs search trough Google web page and return values to my labels on a form. At the same time database would be populated with a same search values
(Start Address, End Address, Distance in Km and ETA time)

Link to a web page seems to be a very common request within community members but I did not find anything similar to what I would like to do, so it makes me think that my project idea is going to be” hard bone”.
I do not need Google web page displayed on my form in a split container or in any other way.

Any directional info would be greatly appreciated

Hey to start off with are you using the google map javascript api?

since that runs on the client's machine (javascript) then the controls you should use would be html based controls (within toolbar in visual studio).

Are you saving any of this user input into a background database of yours? if not then what i have mentioned should do but if you do need to connect to database you might need to look into the scriptmanager control in visual studio. I think its AJAX technology which takes client side data and updates the server with that data and only refreshes part of the html page running on client (only postsback parts of the page to server)

if im inaccurate in any of this then feel free to comment...

sorry just read your post again, i see you do need to update database.

you could save data to query string with javascript then access that query string in background vb.net code.

then look up other forums on database entry.

hope this helps start you off anyways (ps try get someone else to confirm my trail of thought)

Hi tcon,
thanks for your advice,I think that you are pointing me into right direction.
Last night I found similar request on a vBadvanced forum:
and Brian's idea seams to be more direct approach,however I'm steel learning VB so some research on how to acomplish that code will be a new challange to me.

Any idea would be much appreciated