Hi everyone,

i was wondering how it might be possible to send variables from a programme written in c++ to be used in a separate application which is coded in python.

I am using opencv to calculate points of interest in c++. I would then like these resulting co ordinates to be sent to a game engine (blender game engine) to be assigned to specific objects.

I have no experience using python and have never written a C++ program that would need to transmit data in such a fashion. I've been researching possible solutions but I'm unsure of what the correct terminology of what i am trying to do is etc... **N00B**

It would be good if any experienced coders could potentially give me an idea of how i might be able to bridge this gap.


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hi jonsca,

i have googled around and found many ways to do this however im a little stuck as to implementing the variables into the blender game engine itself. i think i will search on the game dev side to see if anyone has a solution specific to BGE.


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