I have a dialog-based application that just has a big edit box. I want to make a quotation mark bold right when it is typed. How can this be done? I am using dev-c++ (I don't know how to make single characters bold, let alone how to capture the key pressed)

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What exactly does "subclass edit control" mean?
And plus, I have already googled to try to figure this out. All I found was Visual C++ crap and miscelaneous crap.

subclassing is a little bit like deriving another class from a base class. Assume you have a class named Animal and you want to make a class called Cat. In terms of MS-Windows controls that would be called subclassing and is done in C, not C++ (although you can use it in your c++ program as long as you use standard C syntax.)

So how would that be useful in my program?

If you want to customize drawing of the edit control then you will have to cusclass it. I already gave you a link to one way of doing that. You can find other ones on www.codeproject.com, which has the largest repository of MS-Windows code on the internet.

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