Dear Sir,
I am taking up first VC# Project i.e Nursing Home/Hospital Management, I require help like how to capture the informations from client & how to design tables & decide about classes & objects functions. I require overvall view of the new project.

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Welcome Kishor20.

Before commencing the journey to develop a project you must have a decent understanding of the .net framework, C# language and other technologies. So I'd rather suggest you dig deep into your mind to find concepts/ideas that you really find your natural interest in.

There are many open source sites find a small open source project which you can get excited about.

Download the source, build it, run it. Study the code in detail, read any other background information, such as developer guides, design documents, test documents, coding standards.

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Thanks dear,
I have downloaded some projects from net but I am not able to run the C# Project file since it is showing the check path in Import section , in which file the 'Import' setting can be changed & what about the access database used in this file?


What do you mean by showing the check path in Import section ?

When I am opening the visual c# project file the message showing is
"c:\Microsoft.Csharp.targets was not found confirm the path in the<Import> declaration is correct & that the file exists on disk."

Errors you're receiving might indicate that MSBuildToolsPath is blank.

Open .csproj in text (notepad) editor and add "$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" to the Project attribute of Import markup.

<Import Project="$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" />

kishor20, I will go back to your 1st post...
I would suggest you not to re-build or trying using some of pre-made project, becuase this is very time consuming, and you will never have all what you had needed on the beginning, so...
it`s bette to star from the beginning, and I would agree with adatapost`s who said that you need to have a decent understanding of the .net framework, C# language and other technologies, to start with a project like you want it to do.
So, if you want to start with, 1st you need to have some knowledge about coding, but before statring with the code, you need to create a database structure (I hope the program will have it).

And here you are the only one who can get and capture all the information required. You work there (or at least you know someone there), so you can get all whats needed to create the database. Especially on the beginning, you have to get all the info needed, to design the dataBase structure and then we can help you out with desigining the program it self (classes and stuff).
You have to start doing the project systematically - one step at the time, becuase this project isn`t a piece of a cake (as far as I can see).
To create the database, its good to create some of the model (on the paper, or with pc - there is plenty of tools that can help you out creating it). I would suggest you to create an E-R model.
When you will have e-r model, then you can start creating a physical database, and then start doing the code it self.
If you need any help, let us know.


<Import Project="$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" />

already exists


I will surely study E-R model & get bak to you

If you have all information required, I can help you out creating it.

After capturing info I will get bak to u. I think it may take 1 week.


i download this project free,and you take some idea from it.


I have downloaded your application, I have created tables & changed the connection strings at all places. Problem is that this application is not moving to other pages. Like when I am debugging Customer form is diplayed after manipulation of new records there is no way to move to next form !

How to start up the login page? because in application settings start up object showing no forms in drop down list.


LOL... why bothering...

Dear Mitja,

Following Information is captured from client.


Kindly help in creating Entities & their relationship



Can you be please a bit more specific?
All what you have stated are entites. We need now Attributes for every entity. And the connection between entites.
You have to provide me at least attributes for every single Entity. For example:

PATIENT(id, name, lastName, SSN, ...)
PATIENT BILLING(id, _patientID, date, value,...)

I cannot help you much, until I get all information required, becuase I have no clue about how nurcing home is working and what is needed that all works.
If you need to know more about E-R, look here!

Hope you get sufficient information, to help you out.

Dear Mr.Mitja
Thanks for reply.
Attributes for

Opd_Reg_No,Consulting Doctor,Referring Doctor(Commission part in billing)or Direct
Opd_Date,Name,Age,Gender,Address,Tel no,Mobile No, Chief complaints, Investigation Advice-Testing Report jpg file to be stored,Treatment Advice(Medicine Prescription/Refer to doctor/Advice to Admit)


1st Check Point : Whether Midico Legal Case? if Yes, Police Chowky informed?Name of Officer informed, Date of Reporting.
2nd Check Point : Midiclaim Yes/No if Yes Form to be filled up

Indore_Patient No, All other details of patient from above process,Bed_No,Bed_Type(First,Second,General Ward), Admission_Date, Discharge_Date, Treatment(scan copy), Type of Operation Done, Visiting_Doctors, Medicines/Injections Used(From Stock)



Medicine_Name, Quantity,Mfg_Co. Name,Stockist_Name, Batch_No, Expiry_Date, Purch_Price, Sale_Price, MRP, Difference_Price(Sale_Price - Purch_Price)

[1] Issued To Indore Patient:
Patient_No, Bed_No, Medicine_Name, Batch_No, Quantity_issued, Expir_Date
[2] Removed from Stock due to EXPIRY PERIOD



Please do the needful


I will take a look and let you know when I`m done.
btw, can you please explaine me some words, or concepts (for easier understanding, nothing important):
- opd patient
- indore patient
- Incomng medicines (is this complete seperated thread?) - if yes, I would suggest you something else - to keep this in the "Inventory management, like:
Medicines("name", "quality",... on the end "state" (incoming, arrived)
- What is issue from store, where to put that?
- Patient billing (is this all the payments the patient has got?).

OPD(Out patient Dept.) Patient - In Hospitals, many doctors have their own separate consulting for out patient(not from that hospital)

Indore Patient : After consulting & advising in OPD Or Referring by other Doctor the particular patient will be admitted in that Hospital.

Incoming Medicine IS nothing but to explain how medicines come in the store & their attributes associated with it.

Issue Part is just to decrease the stock of medicines from stock & the way it decreases. OVERALL INVENTORY TABLE SHOULD GIVE REPORT OF MOVEMENT OF MEDICINE/INJECTIONS WITH BALANCE QTY IN STOCK


Take a look at this e-r model.
What do you think? I has everything you need - you only have to adapt to your needs.

I think Tables here would be
Is it correct?

tables with _Address are not even needed. Unless if you specificly dont need them. But I would inclued them into the main tables (like address of the doctors, you can easily include in Doctors table).

One thing you can seperate is Patient. YOu dont need to seperate 2 types of them, but the main information about patient and details, like:

Patients: id, gender, name, lastname, birthday, telephones ...
P.Details: all other info which will be fulfiled afterwards when client is in hospital (and later on).

And you can include one more table, thats Billing! Finances are very important part here.

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Which tables would have Super Type & Sub type? I think Under the 'Doctors Entity' sub types would be 'Consulting_Doct','Visiting_Doct' & 'Referring_Doct'. since the visiting doctors & referring doctors would be accounted for in Billing, what you think? . You said for patient we do not require any sub type but all patients(OPD) may not be admitted in hospital while all admitted patients may not gone through OPD Process, How to relate these tables?
Good day ahead....

Hello Mr.Mitza,
Sorry for my mis-conception in last thread about Patient types, It is NOW solved but in 'Doctors' do I need to Create Super Type & sub type? please reply.

Thanks & regards,

Can you show me which values do you have in table "Doctors"?
And what Super and sub type mean? Just a simple explanation needed for my understanding.

All comman attributes of sub type entities can be gathered and form the SUPER type entity. Like Consulting Doctor, Visiting Doctor & Referring Doctor are the sub type which may be having some comman attributes & thus form a 'Doctor' as SUPER type entity.

I am waiting for the formats & data generated in that hospital so that the data diagram can be prepared after that I may require help in identifying classes.

Thanks & regards,

Dear Mr.Mitja,

After a long time I am posting, I am at final stage of Database design.

Here Doctor Categories are of 3 Types
i.e 1.Consulting Dr. 2. Referring Dr. 3. Anaesthetic Dr. 4. Visiting Dr.
Should I create 4 Different Tables or 1 Table with 'Types of Dr.' as 1 column where these 4 Types will be listed. I should get account status of each dr.separately while billing, is it possible in above case? Can U help me in creating ER Diagram?

Finally Tables Are
1. OPD Appointment
2. OPD
3. OPD Charges
4. Bed Type
5. Bed Charges
6. Indore Patient
7. IPD Charges
8. Diagnosis
9. Drug Master
11 Purchase Drug
12 Drug Used
14 Operation
15 Insurance Companies
16 Mediclaim
17 Billing
18 Commission
19 Patient Record
20 Diagnosis
21 Patient History
22 Pregnancy History
23 Pregnancy Record

Hi, glad to hear you are at the end of db creation. DB is one of the most important things of the whole project, so its always worth to take some more time on it, rather then regret afterwards (when you cannot get the correct results on some queries).
Anyway, answering your question: Create one table, which will have a new column of "Doctor type".
About E-R model, I dount I can help you out, because I dont know your db structure - I dont know your attrubutes of the entityes.

But it wouldn`t be hard to create one, just follow some basic rules on e-r model.
You always have to have in mind your actual DB (physical model), then you can simply create E-R.
For eaxmple: Create an Entity (Doctors), then create all the attributes for it (id, firstName, lastName, type, botn, specialty, ...) Then another Entity (Patients), with attributes: (id, name, lastName,...) the relationShip between this two tables is "Has" or "Heals".
The Entity is some usually some physical object (object, subject)
The Attribute is a value that has some entity
The RelationShip is (its a verb) which descriubes two or more Entites are related to each other.
So if you will follow this patern, you cannot miss much.

Hope it helps a bit, better explanation can be found here.



Pl. go through the attached er diagram(partially done). I have foll. queries

1. OPD Visit Table contains foreign key COMPLAINT_NO which is a primary key of 'PATIENT COMPLAINT' table. The complaints will change when same patient comes next time. How to relate the date of complaint & complaint no with the corresponding opd date?

2. 'OPD Table' contains Dr_ID (here 'Consulting doctor' (Dr_Type)) reference is given, I want to also include reference to another type of Dr. i.e. 'Referring Doctor' how to give reference of two type of doctors in one table only.

Pl. help