#ifndef _EMPLOYEE_H
#define _EMPLOYEE_H
#define _ProductionWorker_h
#pragma warning(disable: 4996)
#include <cstring>
#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;
//const int SIZE = 40;  // Array Size

class Employee //Definition of Employee Class
		//char employName[SIZE];
		char *employName;
		int employNum;
		int hireDate;
	Employee(char *e)
		{employName = new char[strlen(e)+1];
		strcpy(employName, e);}

			//Copy Constructor
	Employee(const Employee &obj)
		{employName = new char[strlen(obj.employName)+1];
		strcpy(employName, obj.employName);}

	{delete [] employName;}

		const char *getempName()
		{return employName;}
		void empnum(int);
		void emphdat(int);
		int getempnum()const;
		int getempdat()const;


void Employee::empnum(int n)
	employNum = n;


void Employee::emphdat(int d)
	hireDate = d;

int Employee::getempnum()const
	return employNum;
int Employee::getempdat() const
	return hireDate;
class ProductionWorker:public Employee
		int Shift;
		double HPayRate;

		void sh(int);
		void prate(double);
		int getShift()const;
		double getHPayRate()const;

void ProductionWorker::sh(int s)
	Shift = s;


void ProductionWorker::prate(double p)
	HPayRate = p;


int ProductionWorker::getShift() const
	return Shift;
double ProductionWorker::getHPayRate() const
	return HPayRate;

#include <iostream>
#include "Employee.h"
#include "ProductionWorker.h"
using namespace std;

int main()
	Employee Info;
	char e;  //Definition for employee name
	int id;	 //Definition for Employee ID
	int hd;	 //Definition for Employee Hiredate
	//Request For user input
	cout << "What is the Employee's Name \n "; 
	cout << "Enter the Employee Number \n ";
	cin >> id;
	cout << "Enter the Employee Hire Date \n ";
	cin >> hd;
	//Storage for user input

	//Output for user input

	cout << "\nHere is the Employee Name "<< Info.getempName()<<endl;
	cout << "\nHere is the Employee Number "<< Info.getempnum()<<endl;
    cout << "\nHere is the Employee Hire Date "<< Info.getempdat()<<endl;;

	int pShift;		//Definition for shift
	double p_rate;	//Definition for employee payrate

	//Requesting input from user

	cout << "\nEnter employee shift (shift 1 = day and shift 2 = night). ";
	cin >> pShift;
	//Input validation for shift

	 if (pShift < 1 || pShift> 2)
		cout << "valid inputs are 1 or 2." <<endl;
		cin >> pShift;
	ProductionWorker ShiftPay;
	//Output for user input

	cout << "The shift of the Employee is " <<ShiftPay.getShift()<<endl;

	cout << "\nEnter employee payrate. ";
	cin >>  p_rate;

	cout << "The payrate of the Employee is " <<ShiftPay.getHPayRate()<<endl;


return 0;


Need help in completing cin.getline(); for the above code. Do not know what to input to get return of employeName on output.

Try looking up the syntax in your text. There's no way you wrote all that code without some form of book or on-line help.

Thank you for the help, I used my text books as a reference to help me write this code for my homework assignment. The text book does not give you examples for everything. This assignment has been submitted to my professor already. I am requesting the help for my own knowledge. If this is an inappropriate post I will remove it.