hello can any 1 hlp me for creating a secured exe file of an console application.means i hv created 1 program in c using dev c++ as compiler. now it is creating an exe file of the project in the same project directory. thats fine. nw along with that exe file all others supporting files are also present inside the project directory file.like makefile.win,main.o,main.txt,project.dev,gmon.out,input.dat,output.dat.where as the input.dat &output.dat files is been used to read & write the data on to files.nw i wan that no 1 cn cm to know that the source code,& this application is wheather a c file or sm other file.please hlp me to find out the soln.

no other can open the source file. only the coder person is been able to cm to know the code & file else others dnt cm to know that which type of file it is?

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you should makes the compiler linking to a static library at compile time instead of a dynamic library at run time (default setting). Linking to the dynamic one, makes your program needing that DLL to be installed in the computer your program will run.
just add the --static in the options

hello rafi, thanks fr ur suggestion bt how to link the static library with the compiler.pl. cn u tell me the steps in details.

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go to tools compiler options an add


to the linker box

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