Currently I developed a C sharp windows form application which is installed in both German and English windows operating system. The problem is the calculation part and storing it in MySql.

The German windows operating system uses "," as a separator (for e.g 2,53) where as English operating system uses dot as separator (for e.g 2.53). The MySQL accepts only dot separated numbers.

I used culture function to convert comma to dot. But some people who are used to English are using dot as separator in German windows operating system which is not working (for e.g. if he gives 2.53 the result is displaying 253) the same with the other way if a German guy working on English operating system and enter number with comma it is doing the same as in the example above.

IS there a way where I can make it a common thing without any clashes which ultimately stores in my sql even though if he uses dot or comma in any of the windows operating system.

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