i need help with the following:

make a program that gets the summation of a given number e.g. 4+3+2+1

implement it using both iteration and recursion

ex. enter a positive number: 4
the sum is 10.

Post your code .. We will help to solve probs ..

you can use the sum to 'n' terms formula to get your required result

Recursion may be like this

sum(int n)
             return 0;
             return n+sum(n-1);

iteration may be like this

while(i != 0)
      sum += i;

the loop in case of iteration is infinite
we have to decrement the value of 'i' so that it terminates when it becomes 0

Oops sorry for the mistake..
Correct code may be like this

while(i != 0)
      sum += i;

Hope code is correct now ..

haah now its right and thanks for correcting


we also have a direct formula to calculate sum of n terms
i.e.., n*(n+1)/2
even using this we can do the problem of solving the sum of n terms

Ya but he want a recursion and iteration based program ..

Mark it solved if problem solved ..

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