I am working on an application that lets you play drum sounds using a rockband drum kit. Current version available here I am wanting to add a recording function but all I can think of is loop back recording. That's manageable but in Vista and Windows 7 by default the stereo mix recording source is disabled.

Does anyone know how to loopback record without it enable, or how to programmatically enable it? I know screen cap apps do it somehow, but I cant find any concrete examples of how to accomplish this.

__avd commented: Have you tried any open source lib? +11

I am using IrrKlang.net for playing asynchronous sounds, and it supports recording audio to a byte buffer, but it uses the default system recording device which is usually a microphone, the user can set the recording device to a loopback device in the windows control panel, and then it will work, (I still have to encode the audio to a file but that's not the issue)

I have found a few working examples of recording audio by selecting the enumerated device. But that assumes that the sound device supports stereo mix loopback (which almost all do) but more complicated, that it is enabled. on vista and win 7 they are default disabled and most people don't know how to enable it.

I need to find a way to programmatically enable the stereo mix recording device and select it. Or a way to just capture audio from a single application.