Hello, as I learned conio.h header file is used in Windows not Linux, I found two things from the Internet

1. Linux c++ implementation of conio.h http://sourceforge.net/projects/linux-conioh/

2. libconio http://sourceforge.net/projects/libconio/

What should I do to use them? I am not very familiar with C++ and I couldn't find out myself..


*nix has Curses for the same purpose (and there are versions like pdcurses, pdcurses.sourceforge.net that are portable across systems). I looked at libconio and it seems to be poorly documented (presumably, and I don't like making these kinds of assumptions, but it probably has the same functions that conio does). Unfortunately, this type of function is not part of standard C++ so you are looking at portability issues no matter what. See if you can work around using them.

Thank you very much. Buy my question is how I can use it? Should I put conio.h file into a specific folder? Or just put into the same folder with main? And will I include it as






Well, you're not going to use conio.h (as just copying that header over into Linux won't do you a bit of good), but for whichever one of those libraries you choose you will have to specify the include directory and the library directory (how you do that depends on which compiler you are using). The <> are used only for libraries that are in the search path of the compiler.